First Nations Owned

Summit is a majority owned first nations company providing construction and supply chain services to public and private companies across Canada.

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Summit Indigenous Group

a majority-owned first nations company

The Summit Indigenous Group specializes in the creation of sustainable infrastructure for the benefit of indigenous people and their neighbors. Summit aims to be a leader in the implementation of circular resource and infrastructure development. We strive to make our best effort to preserve the land for our next of kin.

In this modern world driven by exponential demand, it essential to supply resources using the renewable systems we have been given. Summit aims to satisfy complex project challenges including: social, economic, political, environmental, legal, and technological.

The Summit Group of Companies provides the following services:



Summit has become a leading supplier of industry products in Western Canada with our distribution network supported by 100% indigenous employment.

In addition our group provides development and construction services across Western Canada in civil, midstream and utility projects. In collaboration with our partners we aim create opportunities for our team and the communities we work with.

The Summit group works with industries to create partnerships and economic opportunities for the First Nations communities across Canada:

The Industries we support include:

Oil & gas
Renewable Energy

 Access & Rig Mats
Civil & Reclamation
Clearing & Brushing
Pipeline Integrity
Security Services

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